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Meet the unforgettable crew!
Art featuring main characters from Cricket: Jae's Really Peculiar Game, back to the viewer.

Along his journey, Jae will meet with several others who have wishes of their own to make when they reach Yimmelia. Will their dreams come true?


A shy, quiet boy, he has been sheltered by his mother his entire life. When his mother dies, he seeks to bring her back to life by making a wish at Yimmelia.


A big brother figure to Jae, they have known each other for many years. An incredibly talented boxer with wanderlust, he's going for his first title. He joins in as an excuse to see more of the world and to become a living legend.


Her origins are a bit mysterious. She is a playful prankster who always seems to come up with a good joke. Something else may be going on in her head, though.



Perhaps the bluntest of the bunch, her parents fear her enough to not talk back to her. Holds herself in high regard over the others. Tolerates nothing. Always has a chip on her shoulder, she seeks a way to escape her parents.


Quiet and reserved girl who has extraordinary magical abilities, she's one of the few that can wield melons that contain elemental powers. Her mixed species origin makes others treat her differently, though she just wants to be accepted by others. She seems to have some hangups about trusting others.


An underappreciated, intellectual, and eccentric engineer. Their mind tends to bounce back and forth between subjects. Though a young genius, perhaps validation is what they're really looking for...

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