Loss. Loneliness. Friendship.

Have you ever lost someone or something so important to you that you would do anything to get it back?


What if you had a chance to get it back?


Experience a JRPG, unlike any other, where there isn't a world to save, no castles, and no dragons. A game that tells a personal story of a child's perseverance, and the lessons he learns along the way.


Cricket will be a JRPG where the world reacts to the player's actions and responds in kind.

Cricket is about Jae, a naive young boy who loses his mother to cancer. In the midst of his depression, he learns of the land of Yimmelia, a place where any wish can come true.


Jae and crew will learn that no matter how bad things get, their friends will always have their back. Cricket is a game about losing something important, learning of loneliness, and how friendship can get you through the worst of times.

With his best friend Zack by his side, Jae decides to go to Yimmelia in an effort to bring his mother back. Along his journey, Jae will meet and befriend an unforgettable bunch, who each have wishes of their own.

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