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Games With Empathy.

Hey Crickets, what started out as one person with a love of gaming has since grown into Studio Kumiho


We are a tightly-knit crew of creative and talented minds, bound by an undying passion for storytelling, gaming and entertainment. 


With more than a decade of experience between us, our team now consists of passionate people skilled in many fields, including artists, designers, programmers, and so much more. Many of us have worked on various projects, some of which have been in the top 10 of the Apple App Store. Members of our staff have worked with Disney, Perfect World Entertainment, and other publishers on creating games across various genres.


We’re experts in having a good time, and strive to help people reconnect to their inner child through imaginative, and thoughtful games.


After the award-winning debut of A Sound Plan, we’re now going full steam ahead with Cricket: Jae's Really Peculiar Game.

Check out our site, and see why we’re so excited to show you what we’re working on!

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