What have we made? What do we plan to make?
Both good questions.
Now on Nintendo Switch!
Invited to the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West 2019!
Invited to Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018!
Invited to Northwest Majors 2018 & 2019!
Ever wanted to feed your friends to zombies, but the pesky law is in your way? Well, want no longer, welcome to A Sound Plan.
A Sound Plan is a competitive arena game about using sound to manipulate zombies into attacking your friends, or enemies; we don't judge.
Kill your foes in one of two ways: bash their skulls in with rocks (always fun), or lure zombies into them using sounds generated by throwing stones into walls or other people.
Be violent, be passive; we don't care; just take each other out!
Available on Steam., and Kartridge!
Coming Eventually

Have you ever lost someone or something so important to you that you would do anything to get it back?


What if you had a chance to get it back?


Experience a JRPG, unlike any other, where there isn't a world to save, no castles, and no dragons. A game that tells a personal story of a child's perseverance, and the lessons he learns along the way. Cricket will be a JRPG where the world reacts to the player's actions and responds in kind.

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Redmond, WA, USA

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