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Acacia: Interact with Caution!

Imagine being the smartest, sharpest, prettiest person in the room, while also being aware of it. A competitive, self-aware perfectionist, Acacia comes from a "backwards town of nobodies" (her words), which drives her to seek for something more in her life. That something comes along in the form of Jae, whom she follows on his journey, sensing his potential to do something special. "Will he actually reach Yimmelia?", she ponders as she journeys with Jae and crew.

Let’s rewind a little. Acacia's perfectionism comes from her upbringing, with parents that tended to fly off the handle and abandon her whenever she messed up, she tends to reflect her parents during low times or when other's performances are less than perfect. Along with her perfectionism, her upbringing has made her quick to anger and upset, she constantly tests those close to her due to a fear of abandonment.

Acacia is sharp-witted, always thinking on her feet and coming up with elegant solutions to tough problems, she also has an incredible memory. Always thinking two steps ahead, she often finds ways to make others do her work for her.

Astute, with incredible attention to detail, very little gets past Acacia, even the word choices people make won't go unnoticed and unanalyzed. Because of her ability to notice details, Acacia is very aware that she is smarter than other people, which tends to inflate her ego. Speaking of egos, many have noticed that Acacia has a pretty large one, though it comes out in the form of very few words. Acacia feels as if she is misunderstood by others, that it's not her ego that's the problem, it's them.

Acacia is sharp with her words and knows that less is more, her criticisms are short, painful barbs, her observations to the point, and her solutions quick. To many, she comes off as a bully, but the members of the group feel as if they can help her overcome her personal demons.

Will she ever learn to get over her abandonment issues? Can she learn to accept the faults in others? That's to be explored later.

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