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Attention All Gamers: I’m Back in Action!

Hello everybody, Jackie here and I’m happy to say I’m getting back on the blog-writing horse!

Where have I been lately? Ohhhhh, how about everywhere? To start, I recently made the trip out to visit Jimmy and all my Studio Kumiho friends.  Here are a few photos from the event, in no particular order:

I’m on the far left, looking spooktacular as always

Here we are at a team dinner, sorry for the potato quality, thankfully the food was better!

Cheers from Rainier National Park, if you haven’t been, I highly encourage it!

Got a chance to visit Sadako in Peace Park, very sad, but nice to see

Honestly, I spent probably what amounts to too much time playing Sega’s Sonic Adventure 2 on Gamecube while visiting my brother. It’s definitely got a lot of nostalgia for me as I used to really love playing the game for the Chao Garden.

While there is a lot I could complain about with the gameplay (don’t get me started on the Tails/Robotnik levels…) the Chao Garden remains my favorite part. There’s something about beefing those cute little creatures up with Chaos Drives and forcing them to compete that is just so darn addictive. 

Sega, if you’re reading this, please just make another Sonic game with more Chao Garden, it’s honestly the only reason I play the series!!!

[Jimmy: There's some serious money in there, for real.]

What else have we been up to?

Welllllllllll, we’re currently working a big update for ‘A Sound Plan’, I can’t go into any further detail than that, so you’ll have to stay tuned!

[Jimmy: You won't have to wait long for the news, it'll be coming up really quick.]

We’re putting together some more stuff for ‘Chang’e’, updating sounds, adding some details, and maybe even a dream sequence. I’ve added a screenshot for the cover image, and if you are on Social Media, you can check out a little gif there.

Jimmy’s updated his streaming schedule on Twitch to twice a week, so you should definitely check out on Tuesday & Friday nights at 8pm PDT. Lately, he’s been streaming Links Awakening and Dragon Quest XIS on Nintendo Switch.

Have I mentioned that we’re making stickers? Based on everybody’s input, we’ll be unrolling new designs for both ‘A Sound Plan’ and Daigo. Here’s the mockup for Daigo, what do you think??

I personally love the attitude in the face!

I’ll be updating the blog on Saturdays for the moment, and I’m hoping to have some more screenshots for you soon!

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