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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the Launch of the Indie MEGABOOTH Going Away (for now) Sale on Steam!


This an exciting week for us here at Studio Kumiho. There's a sale happening, some stream news, and a new shirt design for your Animal Crossing homie. Check out the deets and see for yourself!

Highlights from last week

Have you seen the latest shot of our in-game footage?

What better way to test out the gameplay and dialogue, than to chuck a trash can?

Did you catch our surprise stream on Sunday? Jimmy and Steven held an epic rematch on Super Mario Bros 3, with special guest Shinkou. They were neck and neck for a bit, but then Jimmy pulled ahead and won again! Will there be a 3rd round? Anybody out there think they have what it takes to beat the 2x champ?!

We’re live every 6pm PDT / 9pm EST on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We’ll be sticking to this schedule for a bit, if for no other reason than to keep count of the quarantine weeks. 

What are we up to this week?

Well, for starters, the Indie MEGABOOTH Going Away (for now) Sale is starting TODAY!! You can read more about it here.

We're big fans of Indie MEGABOOTH. They've been a huge source of support and encouragement during our indie game development journey. With Covid-19 and current recommended precautions, they are going into hibernation for a bit.

Even with everything that is on their plate, they still are out there supporting other indie developers and launched their sale starting today! Showcasing 150+ games, their commitment to bringing indie games to the masses continues to amaze us.

If you'd like to directly donate towards their cause, here is a link to their Paypal. Maybe we're a little bit biased, but we believe that supporting indie developers is one of the best ways to bring fresh & innovative ideas to the gaming community. Organizers and curators like Indie MEGABOOTH bring in up & coming games and developers, making the indie game community more accessible to everybody.

We're really excited to be included in this event and I hope that we'll be able to show Indie MEGABOOTH even a 10th of the support that they've shown us over the years. If you don't have your copy of 'A Sound Plan', it's currently 50% on Steam. We've recently updated the game and it's now compatible with Steam Remote Play which means there is now an online multiplayer option for all our z-sports fans.

There's a ton of awesome games included in this sale (did somebody say 150+?) and while we haven't personally played all of them, we're confident in Indie MEGABOOTH's curating abilities.

If you're looking for a few suggestions, Jimmy will be streaming a few tonight! We hope to be able to include more reviews of these epic games in the future, so if you have an idea, we'd love to hear it!

We've also been tossing a few ideas back and forth and we're hoping to have some fresh designs to show you very soon. I can't tell you all what we've got up our sleeves yet, but it's pretty friggin' cool.

Finally, next up in my series that I’ve decided to call “Rep your colors”, we’ve got the Purple People available for your wardrobe! Scan and show off that Zombie-baiting pride!

What have you all been up to? I’d love to hear what everybody else is reading, listening, and playing!

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