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Celebrating my Birthday, Studio Kumiho Style!

By the time all of you read this, I will be celebrating my birthday by riding my bicycle to the northern end of the East Coast Greenway. 

With that said, I have been very excited this week. Windup Audio has been doing a great job at creating a video which we’ll be dropping this week. It’s all we’ve been able to talk about at Studio Kumiho lately, because it’s really awesome to see our characters moving, in color, in front of a background that is also fleshed out and in color.

I’m happy to see this guy made the cut in particular..

The gameplay is starting to really come together as well. Fight sequences are getting animations, and I think you’ll love them as much as I do when you see them!

Speaking of fight sequences, which animals in an urban environment would be the toughest to take on in a fight? I feel like they all have their merits, squirrels probably have a lot of attack points, but skunks have crazy high defence. Mind, I would never fight an animal in real life mostly because I love wildlife, but also because they would win...

I’d probably say the following:

Squirrels: +attack

Skunks: +defence

Raccoons: +intelligence

Seagulls: ++attack (seriously, have you seen these guys??)

Rabbits: +cuteness (honestly can’t think of a rabbit jumping out to attack, then again, they have those crazy teeth.)

What do you think? 

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