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  • Jackie Spencer

Charlie: The Eccentric Builder of Eccentricities

Next up on our character introduction series is Charlie! Highly intelligent and eccentric to say the least, Charlie tends to have a distaste for other people, it tends to be difficult to get a read on her, emotionally.

“Why does everybody suck except for me?!”

Do you put a lot of your self-worth into your work? What do you do when the feedback seems disingenuous, and the doubters' voices continue to ring in your head? What if, despite the doubters, you are your own worst critic?

For Charlie, this is every day.

All-day, every day, Charlie invents things to make people's lives more convenient, more streamlined, or just a bit more interesting. Always working, Charlie aims to make invention perfection. The pressure on her is not just from herself, she comes from a long line of inventors, all of whom have created their masterpiece, which she aims to do too. Her family is aware of this, and have yet to see anything worth praising in her work, putting her down for making oddities and for being too eccentric.

To Charlie, inventing is her form of self-expression, and she desires to make a statement with her masterpiece, she just has to find out what that is. Oftentimes, her inventions are tested on her dog, Dooders, and they often fail. Because of the frequent failures, Charlie has internalized the words from her family and honestly believes that she may never make her masterpiece.

When she isn't seeking her masterpiece, she's busy operating working at the local McWingwings, she's largely automated the work that would normally fall on her hands, such as food creation. What people don't know is that Dooders is the one making the burgers.

Internally, Charlie hopes that her masterpiece will lead to people understanding her a bit more, to see her for who she really is: while aloof, she's an intelligent person with a spirit for adventure. She tends to play along with other people's antics, and in particular likes Symphony a ton.

Through her journey with the others, she will have to learn to love and respect herself, that she is useful despite her work, and that the value of a person is more than what they output.

Look forward to seeing more of her in the near future!

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