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Final 24 hrs of the Indie MEGABOOTH Going Away (for now) Sale and other updates!

First of all, I'd like to extend a warm thank you to everybody who has given us and all the other fabulous Devs their support during this sale. It means a lot to see so much growth over the last few months. For this indie game company, every like, follow, purchase, and more is felt deeply and we really appreciate it.

You've all made Daigo's day

For those of you just coming into this, we're in the stretch of the Indie MEGABOOTH Going Away (for now) Sale. With Covid-19 and currently recommended precautions, they are going into hibernation for a bit.

If you'd like to directly donate towards their cause, here is a link to their Paypal. Maybe we're a little bit biased, but we believe that supporting indie developers is one of the best ways to bring fresh & innovative ideas to the gaming community. Organizers and curators like Indie MEGABOOTH bring in up & coming games and developers, making the indie game community more accessible to everybody.

We're really excited to be included in this event and I hope that we'll be able to show Indie MEGABOOTH even a 10th of the support that they've shown us over the years. If you don't have your copy of 'A Sound Plan', it's currently 50% on Steam. We've recently updated the game and it's now compatible with Steam Remote Play which means there is now an online multiplayer option for all our z-sports fans.

Highlights from last week

I've been on a serious 'A Sound Plan' kick this week! Maybe it's the new remote play feature, maybe it's the quarantine mood, but I've been having a blast playing this on repeat.

Did you know that you can play on teams? 'A Sound Plan' can have up to 4 players, so the gameplay can get pretty frenzied at times!

This reminds me of playing against Yves & Robin the creators of Orbital Bullet. Jimmy and I went toe to toe with these guys after Pax East, and they beat us. It was pretty embarrassing, not gonna lie. They had an entirely new strategy that we had never thought of, which I will not be sharing here... Lemme just say "Clever girl".

[Jimmy: It was Jackie's fault, I swear.]

Do you think you have what it takes to face off against us? Let us know, we're always looking for people to stream with!

Did you catch our indie games stream on Tuesday? Jimmy had a kickass night playing a few games from the Indie MEGABOOTH sale and from other Indie Devs. He started off with Praey for the Gods, from No Matter Studios, which is also on sale! He followed it up with Dead Cells from Motion Twin, before ending with Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor from Sundae Month.

We’re live every 6pm PDT / 9pm EST on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We’ll be sticking to this schedule for a bit, if for no other reason than to keep count of the quarantine weeks. 

What are we up to this week?

We've also been pretty busy with Cricket this past week as well. We've started work on a possible demo, and we're getting excited about it! We've been discussing the pros and cons at Studio Kumiho for a while now and we seem to be split up about what if anything we should have on a demo. What do you like to see in a demo? We've made a silly little survey if you want to let us know!

For the final piece in my series that I’ve decided to call “Rep your colors”, we’ve got the Yellow Jackets available for your wardrobe! Scan and show off that Zombie-baiting pride!

What have you all been up to? I’d love to hear what everybody else is reading, listening, and playing!

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1 Comment

Nov 21, 2022

I like this game because it is very dynamic and it can play at once 4 people! We often spend evenings with friends playing this game. Your 5 second videos are perfect for this article, please tell me if you used reverse video online, as the last frames from these videos repeat the first.

My nickname from the game: PolleBrother222, add in, let's play together!

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