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Get the Band Back Together, Here Comes Symphony!

Who is Symphony? 

What does she know? 

What does she do? 

Where does she fit in?

What are her secrets?

Honestly, that’s for her to know, and maybe you’ll find out… If she feels like it. Perhaps even she doesn’t know the answer to most of these questions, she seems to be a bit of a free spirit.

“Ugh, somebody took the armrest of my seat, #rude.”

Witty, silly, and a lover of the absurd, Symphony has a broad sense of humor. She’s playful and loves getting people to laugh. Unafraid of pushing buttons, she really lives on getting reactions out of people. She’s aware that every joke has a nugget of truth to it, so she uses humor to soften harsh facts.

She’s proven herself to be pretty trustworthy, kind, and upbeat as if she’s hiding something underneath it all, what could she be trying to cover?

All the world’s a stage, and Symphony is the star, baby! Although she thrives on attention, Symphony can’t operate in silence. Her fear of being alone can make her seem dependent, but you probably won’t notice because she’s good at masking her flaws by playing just the right cards.

Raised to constantly seek perfection in herself, Symphony has a hard time accepting failure. She jokes to minimize her problems, and, ultimately, her pain. Despite making major mistakes, she will always choose to make people laugh in hopes that they’ll never leave. 

Sometimes her willingness to keep joking leads her into saying things that she may not mean, which she beats herself up internally over. She’s aware of her flaws but has trouble doing anything about them.

The inspiration for her came from a genuine feeling to want to entertain others, even when we are dying a little inside. Many have felt that their problems were not for others to deal with, yet they want companionship, so the only real option is to bury their feelings. Obviously, this is no way to live, so we decided to write a character that best represents these pent up feelings.

We absolutely love Symphony for her love of the absurd, her willingness to push buttons, and the courage to raise harsh truths through humor. Her narrative arc has us looking deep inside ourselves knowing that we’ve all been her at some point. We hope you grow to love her too, she would really appreciate that.

Seriously, she thrives on attention.

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