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Introducing Jae!

Welcome to our weekly miniseries on the characters in our latest project! This week we’re focusing on Jae, the protagonist in “Chang’e” (name TBD). 

“That’s who I am, that’s all I am.”

Thoughtful, intelligent, and very trusting, Jae is a true companion to anybody who takes the time to get to know him. He sticks up for his friends and is braver than he looks. His red cape reminds him to act like a hero, even if he doesn’t feel like one.

While he is quiet, shy, and sometimes insecure, Jae also holds himself to incredibly high standards! 

We first meet Jae at the beginning of our story. Filled with grief and loss of confidence, we watch him grow and build friendships along his personal journey.

Jae’s favorite foods include comfort foods like Burgers, Mac and Cheese, and Pizza. 

[Jimmy: The inspiration for Jae came from myself when I was about 9 years old, where I just wanted to put on a cape and be a hero to those who were less fortunate. Thing was, I didn't realize that I was suffering internally, and was projecting a lot externally. The cape is there to show this immature and naive look at the world, while the baseball jersey shows one of his few interests after his mother's passing: baseball.]

Other updates

Hot off the presses, we have an exclusive screenshot! We’re playing around with the idea of adding dust motes to some of our scenery. It’s a subtle, but magical effect, and I really enjoy it. What are your thoughts? 

Also, did you know that ‘A Sound Plan’ is 50% right now on Steam? The sale ends tomorrow, so if you haven’t already, you should check it out right away!

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