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The Return Voyage to Normal, a Love Letter to Pax and all that is Indie

I don’t know about you, but we’re still hungover from the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX West! All the excitement, the scheduling, the actual event, and finally the aftermath. Where do we go from here? We’ve been sitting around like a child coming down after eating their weight in cotton candy. 

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t really sure what to write about today. We’re in between updates and I’ve been told there is a secret, but Jimmy won’t tell me what it is… Sooooooo, we’ll talk about that thing that is still on our minds, Indie MEGABOOTH.

[Jimmy: I desperately want to share, but now's not the time.]

I’ve got to take a minute and talk about my brother, so please be patient and read on.

[Jimmy: Oh boy.]

Have you ever wanted to do something for your entire life and then finally do that thing? The moment when one of the items on your ‘bucket list’ comes to fruition? I don’t want to speak for everybody here at Studio Kumiho, but I can say, Jimmy did it, he really did. 

Now, I may be wearing my proud older sister hat too tight, but I recall many years, (and I really do mean years…) of Jimmy telling everybody the exact same answer when they asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. “I want to make video games”. Everybody tried to tell him to be more realistic, yet he still clung to the dream.

Seeing this pic of him standing at Studio Kumiho’s booth; promoting a game his company created, and people were playing, that’s an accomplishment. I mean, homeboy did it! 

(I’ll admit it, I told him multiple times to send me a pic, sometimes I’m bossy) [Jimmy: Ugh I hate the sight of my own mug]

Regardless of where we go from here, I think I can say I’m very proud of how far my brother has gone. Second generation American, first generation college graduate, creator of fun, sky’s the limit kiddo!

Now that I’m done hyping up my brother, let’s talk the deets on Indie MEGABOOTH. Since I wasn’t there and only have second hand experience, I’mma let Jimmy talk about it a bit.

What was it like when you found out that you were going to the event?

[Jimmy: My jaw hit the floor, and a sheer sense of gratitude took over my body. I can't help but feel we got lucky somehow, that it was the right place at the right time, since we didn't get in anywhere else, but that's not my place to argue. I also felt validated, and that people could appreciate what we made together as a studio.]

It was a lot of work from everybody at Studio Kumiho, and I’m proud of everybody there, this is just the start!

How was it manning your first booth at Pax?

[Jimmy: Exhausting, but still exhilarating. I remember tearing up watching kids and adults alike enjoying the game, yelling at the screen and whatnot. My legs are still sore, don't ask me to walk anywhere ever again.]

What was the best part of Indie MEGABOOTH for you?

[Jimmy: The incredible community, bar none. The staff and other attendees were incredibly supportive and great people all around. They really made the show for us.]

How was the turnout for A Sound Plan?

[Jimmy: PAX West is one of the biggest game conventions out there, so that should say everything.]

Most unexpected story to come out of Pax?

[Jimmy: I was dragged from one afterparty to the next on Sunday night, usually triggered by me going to get more food or something dumb like that. It was a very Harold and Kumar sort of night.]

I know you’re an introvert so I hope you had a good time, I can’t wait to hear about this when I come to visit!

[Jimmy: It was a good time, I'm just tired.]

Are there games that you’re excited about? (If you got a chance to go see the others…)

[Jimmy: I only got to play two games: "FFVII:R" and "Knights and Bikes", and both were amazing. I was shocked that FFVII:R was able to refactor the systems of FFVII and recontextualize them in new and interesting ways, I seriously think that game may be something truly special. Knights and Bikes was such a fun and cute romp, Dean and I were chuckling at the dialogue, though we were confused as to what the point of the game was, it's the nature of demos with story games.]

What would you change for next year?

[Jimmy: Print more business cards.]

Duly noted!

Any final notes about Indie MEGABOOTH that weren’t covered yet?

[Jimmy: Not really, I'll say that if you have a game you wanna show to the public, you should try to get into something like the Indie MEGABOOTH. I thought we had no chance, and we got in anyway. You're your own worst critic.]

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