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Throwing Shade!

It’s been a productive week so far over here at Studio Kumiho! With PAX West behind us and our newest project in front of us, we’ve been excited to keep moving forward. 

First up, have you had a chance to read GeekWire this week? We were pleasantly surprised to see that ‘A Sound Plan’ was mentioned. You can read the rest here, but I’m going to share an excerpt as well.

“The developers coded A Sound Plan in their own custom engine, as a side project/test case while working on a much bigger game with the working title Project Chang’e. The studio’s CEO, Jimmy Spencer, describes Chang’e as a “heartfelt, silly take on the JRPG.”” - Thomas Wilde, GeekWire

While it’s always pretty cool to see ourselves in the news, we’re also psyched to see that they mentioned our custom engine. It tends to be a pretty open secret, but I feel like our programmers don’t get as much recognition as they deserve. They created this game, and the engine it runs on, from scratch. I think that calls for a round of applause!

[Jimmy's note: I make the engine, by myself, yay me. Dean handles the design and such.]

Our other big update would be the inclusion of shadows! It doesn’t sound like a lot by itself, but you can really tell the difference side by side.

Here’s an example, I really love the swingset!

The shadows don’t look like much on their own because of how well they really integrated into the surroundings. However, when they’re side by side, you can really feel the difference.

Now in HD!

I feel like the shadows really add a subtle weight to the environment. Irene has put in many hours of hard work to give Chang’e it’s visual fingerprint. 

We've got a few more updates coming our around the corner, but we've been sworn to secrecy so stay tuned!

What are your thoughts? Are you digging it as much as we are?

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