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Updates from our Living Rooms!

Hey Everybody!

What a wild ride it’s been! It feels like a completely different world since we were at Indie MEGABOOTH and PAX East 2020. Can you believe it’s only been a month? We sure can’t!

It’s been feeling really surreal, from the hand sanitizer baths at PAX to the big Q, we hope you’re all doing okay out there. We’ve all been working from our living quarters recently, communicating through Discord and Skype. 

[Jimmy: It's weird to think I was in Boston just under a month ago. Also, hanging around my sister I see MAAAAAAAYBE once a year.]

Highlight reel:

On the way!
I like to call this 'Team Rocket, blasting off again!'...
Jimmy packing it up
Robin & Yves from SmokeStab!

[Jimmy: I was so young, so naive.]

With all the happenings in the world, we’ve been getting a little itchy for good news, so thought we’d share some of our own!

Studio Kumiho Updates

Let’s get the biggest update out of the way first! A Sound Plan is now available for online multiplayer action through Steam’s Remote Play! We’ve been fighting each other and our friends this week, it’s been fun for a quick pick-me-up when we need a little human interaction. No Mac support at this time, but fingers crossed that we can add it in the future!

We’ve been moving at top speed over here on Cricket. Have you seen our logo? We debuted it on a sticker at PAX East, but just in case, here it is!

What do you think? I think that Irene has completely knocked it out of the park!

We’re currently working on interiors, and I can’t wait to be able to show you some of the details that have been getting worked on. All I can say is that I’m enjoying the greenhouse! (is that too much info?)

Jimmy has been steadily growing the Twitch base and we recently reached Affiliate status (wooo!). He’s been streaming every Tuesday & Thursday at 6pm PDT, so if you have a chance, you should catch him on sometime! He’s been really into Ring Fit Adventure as well as demoing a few other games.

[Jimmy: I should have a sub goal. Feel free to suggest anything in the comments.]

What are we up to?

With the Q keeping us indoors, I thought I’d share a list of games and other things we’ve been interested in lately!

Chrono Trigger - While not the best port, still one of the greatest games of all time, consistently on IGN's Top Games of All Time list, there's a reason for that. Just play it, no amount of praise is enough.

Shadow of the Colossus - An incredible experience from start to finish, minimalism at its absolute finest. Explore a vast world while taking down various colossi in an effort to bring someone back from the dead. The PS4 remake is absolutely fantastic.

Cross Code - Great indie game, large in scope, lots to explore. Combat is kinetic and lively, and it's tough too! Surprisingly enough, built using HTML5, which is odd to say the least.

Animal Crossing - Boy, oh boy, this has been one of the only things keeping my world afloat! Even though I never got a chance to get my photo taken with Tom Nook (I’ll find you, you big tanooki loan shark), this has more than made up for it. Unfortunately, if you haven’t heard, Zipper T. the creepiest Egg Day Bunny ever is visiting for the next two weeks...

Those eyes... Lawd, those eyes!

Tiger King on Netflix - TIGER KING. You know it’s getting off the rails when ‘Scarface’ is the sane one!

Stardew Valley - The 1.4 patch that came out late 2019 is still keeping my farm fresh and it’s nice to be tending my garden and trying to get people to love me the old fashioned way: showing up at random times and hucking coffee at them.

Journey - Stunning visuals, epic sound, highly recommended!

Inside - Puzzle Platform adventure? All with a moody atmosphere and dark ambiance? Count us in!

If you’re a baker, I highly recommend trying out these lemon bars courtesy of u/justhood.


I’ve been playing maybe a little too much Animal Crossing lately, but I’ve made our zombie sticker into a downloadable design! Take it, share it!

For all you people with the Able Sistahs!
All my App friends!
Showing off the merch, have since embraced the Egg Day lifestyle

PS: Anybody looking for friends? SW-8266-8789-6771 Jackie, Aeaea. I’ve got a rad flower field, bugs galore, and apples. Hit me up!

[Jimmy: What's with the palindrome?] 

Inside scoop - my island’s name comes from Greek Mythology. It’s most notably the residence of Circe in the Odyssey, where the hero was lured into spending a good chunk of time…

For my cat, everyday is quarantine
Daigo showing off his isolation skills

What have you been up to? Share your adventures with us, let’s make a megalist of activities!

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