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Victory Lap!

Hey Crickets!

It’s been a wild season so far, with everything happening with current events it’s hard to believe that PAX Online was just a bit ago! We wanted to give an update about that, so buckle in!

First and only warning...

How was PAX Online? Initially, we were a little nervous. This was going to be the first time that anybody outside of Studio Kumiho and friends and family would get a chance to see what we’ve been working on. This has been a passion project of ours and we wanted everything to go right. With the current pandemic, we realized that being able to show this in person wasn’t going to be an option. We wanted to be there and be able to meet with everybody and show them our world and create a booth that would mirror our little slice of pixels.

Going online could be a good or bad thing. Would enough people see us? Would we disappear next to this year’s hottest release? How would we answer questions? What if the demo didn't work for some people?

Launch day came up quickly. We all crossed our fingers that everything would be fine, and our game would be well received.

At first nothing. Then one, then another, and it felt like every time we hit refresh the numbers were jumping! Here are some exchanges between me and Jimmy, cut pretty close to avoid a lot of choice words from yours truly..

We were lucky to make a couple of curated lists, one of them being PAX Rising. The one we’re pretty proud of making was the “So Cute You’ll Want to Vomit Rainbows”, which while surprising, is pretty accurate.

During the course of one week our first ‘taste test’ gathered over 2000 downloads and half as many wishlists!! For our first foray into the public eye, we can’t be more proud of Jae, Zack, Symphony, Charlie, Acacia, and Twila.

We wanted to thank all of you who came through and tried our sample, without you we’d never get to Yimmelia!

Special shout outs to the following peeps who went the extra mile and STREAMED Cricket, You all rock! Check them out below.

What’s next? Good question, we’re busy plugging away at the next level in our adventure. I can’t give away too much yet, but it involves flowers, combat sequences, and new animations!

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2022

I like this game because it is very dynamic and can be played by 4 people at once! We often spend evenings with friends playing this game. Your 5 second clips are perfect for this article, please tell me if you reversed your videos using an online tool, as the last frames from these videos repeat the first.

My nickname from the game: PolleBrother222, add in, let's play together!

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