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Welcome to the Land of Oz!

After taking a break to enjoy the fireworks and comfort our animal friends, I’m back in action! 

When I first hopped on the Studio Kumiho train, this project was still in its infancy. The maps were simplistic and faded to a white background. The characters were frozen black and white sprites that drifted about in the world. I had to use my imagination to get an idea of how things would look, and, I have to say that even my imagination has limits.

We were going for a post modernist look.

I wasn’t expecting to see such a fun little world pop up in the last few months. It has a really solid feeling to it and the buildings remind me a little bit of the ones on my Main Street growing up.

Just noticed the Cat/Mouse Books, kill me, I'm done.

Now that the world has really started to come together, we’ve shifted our attention to our characters. 

Hanging at the local ‘Supreme Bean’

As you can see, they’re now in color, and they’re capable of movement. Cue my squeee of excitement!

You can see the main character Jae in these frames. We’ve been working on polishing his movements for awhile now and you can see him interacting with the environment here:

Whatcha doin’ with that trash can, Jae?

Tell us how you really feel!

You can also see that we’ve started adding textures to the world as well as facial expressions. My current favorite expression is watching Jae run around, he scrunches up his little face and his feet do these little tippy taps, and then he zooms away.

What do you think? I love the reflections on the glass and the rose bushes, but I’d love to hear from you!

We’ve got some more updates and good news (great news, really!) but we’ve been sworn to secrecy for a little while longer so please stay tuned!

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