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Whatcha playin’ Friday!

Hey Folks!

We’ve got a few things happening behind the scenes here at Studio Kumiho. Unfortunately, I’ve been sworn to secrecy until we have a more firm answer. So I figured I’d talk a little bit about what I’ve been playing this week.

Is anybody familiar with Dragon Quest III? I adored this game as a kid. I had it on Gameboy Color, not just any sort of Gameboy, but one of those transparent ones that let me see all the parts. I was a cool kid. Seriously. This thing even got me to the Elite Four on Crystal. (Only the ‘coolest’ kids know what I’m talking about here)

That's the one!

Anyways. I was cruising through an issue of Nintendo Power (Yeah, did I mention I was a ‘cool’ kid?) and saw a review for Dragon Warrior III. There was some pretty artwork done by Akira Toriyama and I was in my Dragonball phase so was SOLD immediately. 

I don’t think I had ever really played a game where I could choose my gender before this one. I was so pumped. I’m a girl, my main is a girl and she even had my name, so cooooooool. The quiz at the start of the game to determine my personality was really neat too, something I wouldn’t see again until Animal Crossing came out on GameCube.

I played that thing everywhere. Silly family trips (don’t get me started on the number of family trips we all took to various sport meets) no longer were an issue. 

Here was a story that felt open. Where other games made you go certain places, this one was an entire open world and I could go wherever I wanted. (Even if that meant certain death) I picked my teammates, gave them stupid names, and head out for adventure.

What does this have to do with my life right now?

Jimmy found a port for my phone. Granted, it’s not the same feel as the game boy, but hot damn, the nostalgia! I haven’t gotten very far yet, but it’s pretty much as I remembered. Challenging, with a story that has many parts and just seems to stretch into forever. 

Just writing about it is making me realize that I’m trapped in a tower somewhere and will probably need to evac and start over. I have died far too many times just this week. I thought it would be easier as an adult, but I just keep dying. It’s like the creatures have a superior ai system and attack my healer first every time and I haven’t gotten the revive spell yet. For that matter, I haven’t even gotten a revive that didn’t involve selling my first born child and giving the savings to the church of Dragon Quest.

[Jimmy’s note: Fun fact, enemies are more likely to attack party members the farther left they are in the battle screen, this has been in the series since 2 and hasn’t changed, afaik.]

Where I once was confident that I could beat the game based on memory, now I’m not too sure. I wonder if I have that Nintendo Power somewhere.

Also, can I just mention that this game is a source of huge inspiration for us? The camaraderie, the open world, the story and challenge, all of it. This is one of the reasons Studio Kumiho even exists.

I’m hoping I get to finish it this time. Last time I got to what I thought was the final boss, beat it, revealed a whole new world and then it was Jimmy’s turn to play and I never did get a chance to finish. 

[Jimmy’s note: During that time, I finished it.] [Jackie’s note: He did, and I heard all about it for weeks]

What are you playing this week?

PS Sneak shot of my new bike, isn’t she beautiful? Her name is Blue and I’m gonna have a Dragon Quest of my own!

PPS: I lied, here is an update! It’s a super secret screenshot of the game so far, don’t tell Jimmy…

I love the benches!

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