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Let’s Talk About Zack!

Next up on our character spotlight series is Zack. Who is Zack? A loyal best-friend and surrogate big brother, Zack is the MAN!

Either have something to say, or get out of my way!

Confident, dependable, and very charming, it’s very hard to dislike Zack. He’s always looking out for other members of the team, and has been there for Jae since the very beginning. 

Occasionally,  Zack struggles with self-acceptance. He wants to be the best, always and has a hard time accepting defeat and disapproval. His "blunt, but honest" attitude comes off to many as charming, as he doesn't have the time nor patience to deal with negative influences. Zack is often funny without realizing it, such as when he eats food that has long expired from Jae's fridge, or his need to show off getting in the way of common sense.

Sometimes he can seem a little rough, impatient, and hotheaded, but Zack has a heart of gold, always looking out for the best for others. Raised by his Grandparents, with his Mother living on their property, and his Father nowhere to be found, he has a tough past.

Zack loves physical sports, with his favorite being boxing. He hopes to travel the world someday and wants to be the top boxer in the world. His natural athleticism allows him to make unorthodox movements that make him hard to read. Better watch out, his jab is gonna take him around the world!

Favorite foods are as follows: #1 Pizza, #2 Pizza, and #3 Pizza. Zack is really just that easy. He blows both his and Jae's allowances at Spoot Pizza, as he tends to be irresponsible with money. He's a growing boy, and growing boys are hungry!

Soon, Zack, very soon...

Whatever you do, don't ever tell Zack you're better than him at anything, his fierce competitive streak often gets the better of him!

Zack has punched his way into our hearts as his attitude and disregard for his own safety leads to many fun adventures and exploits. We hope you grow to love Zack as much as he loves himself, which is a lot if you couldn't tell.

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